Het Decor van je Bestaan

Het Decor 


Elastiek: Sebastiaan Verbeeten, Daan van de Geest, Rutger Nijkamp
Visual artists:
Mees Bergshoeff, Zora Prins, Oliver Helmstadt, Matas Buckus, Robben Fuhler, Omar Aboe Dazki, Sterre de Jonge, Vincent Boon, Thomas David
Roodkapje Rotterdam

Date: 07/03/2020


Club RGB aims to be a creative breeding ground and meeting place for artists and creatives - aimed at active participation and social cohesion. By combining electronic music and audiovisual art by young artists, we strive to contribute and innovate nightlife- and club.

-culture. It is Elastiek’s mission to keep audivisual- and club-culture accessible, exciting and engaging.