Club RGB

Club RGB was a bi-weekly thursday-night clubseries combining electronic music with audiovisual art. Running for half a year in POING, Rotterdam, Elastiek programmed exciting dj’s and vj’s alongside an art exhibition hosted by various collectives and visual artists. Club RGB nights alternated on three musical/visual themes, color-coded as Red, Green and Blue - respectively focusing on old and new genres resonating with the audiovisual culture of the ‘80s, ‘90/00s and present.

Club RGB aimed to be a creative breeding ground and meeting place for (young) artists and creatives, by stimulating active participation and social cohesion and keeping the entry fee as low as possible. By combining electronic music and audiovisual art, we strive to contribute to the innovation of nightlife- and club-culture in Rotterdam.

During the WdKA Graduation Show week in 2022 and 2023, Elastiek organised Club RGBA as an afterparty; a clubnight with two stages with dj’s and live perfomances, live visuals and audiovisual art from WdKA students and alumni.

Elastiek: Rutger Nijkamp, Sebastiaan Verbeeten, Tomasz Kulpiński & Julie Chirtes (WdKA AV HUB), Leon van Engelen,  Leon Sperling

Location: POING, Rotterdam
Date: 12/01/2023—06/07/2023

1.   Teaser video

3.   Poster Club RGB

4.   Poster Club RGBA